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Season 1

1900 - 1930s

Season One ends as JoBeth flies to Paris in answer to a prophecy that a half-man half-woman will destroy Hitler. Crimson the succubus, follows her. Future seasons unfold by the decades, like Forrest Gump with Magic...

Season 2

1940s - 1950s

The brood navigates the 20th century by taking more than they give. Outside, they look full grown. Inside, they’re still children. Lucifer whips up deadly “pranks” like JuneBug’s affair with Bugsy Siegel, and Hitler’s downfall. The Brood add twisted branches to the family tree.

"Here's to the misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. May we live forever."


Earth and Space
Final Hellfire Wordmark 2.png

This is not a show about exemplary people with high morals and ethics. This is a cautionary tale about human greed, our own secret sins, and things that spin dark and disturbing spiderwebs at the backs of our obsessive brains. 


Hellfire’s Brimstone Brood are not innately noble creatures. Far from it. The Brood are deeply distorted children in adult bodies. One is good, two are bad, and three are very bad. Arrogant, obstinate opportunists, they are always looking for an easy way out, yet most of their choices result in mind-boggling ruin. 


Still… it is from their flaws that challenges spring and triumphs grow. Over the life of the series, our multi-dimensional villains become living, breathing beings—with all the emotional complexity and contradictions, the same dreams and desires, the same passions and pitfalls—as real people with real concerns. 

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