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Female Model


Historically, scripts with strong female protagonists have been blocked or ignored, especially when they were written by a strong female. The time has come that women of all ages and races need to find their voices through empowering films with socially relevant messages. Child abuse and incest, women’s rights and marital rape… these are topics that have been taboo in films until recent years. Women the world over have been waiting for a series that crushes the antiquated notion of male superiority and the rule of the Patriarchy.

In August of 1920, women got the right to vote in America, but Alabama women didn’t vote until 1953. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was voted down in 1970, but the Women’s Lib movement seized power regardless. Though it’s been a slow and uphill battle, it’s obvious the Matriarchy is rising, and the Patriarchy is scared shitless. That’s the reason behind the ridiculous attempts to suddenly strip females of their equal rights, their civil rights, and their human rights. The abortion decision is a fear-based mistake that will boomerang the Patriarchs out of control, in ways they can’t begin to imagine. 

Hellfire Hobbs & his Brimstone Brood tells the story of that boomerang effect as it transpires, with superhero females leading the charge through a century of music, Dark Comedy, and Magic. Whether they are burning bras or an entire town of evil men, this series finally puts the responsibility for the current conditions all over the planet where it belongs… on the megalomaniac lunatics who have nearly destroyed Earth. 

A century of Music sets a bittersweet stage for the Brimstone Brood. But this is not a musical, it’s the Big Chill with rednecks, retro classics, and the power of country music, in each explosive episode… and should equal or surpass the huge hit of the 80s Big Chill.

Humanity has never needed uplifting entertainment more than it does now. Storylines that resonate with powerful messages and a vibration of preordained success will keep women strong till all this macho foolishness is over. 


I am a “Dreamer.” I dream things and they happen. Prophetic dreams. Visions of the past… the future. Even daydreams that manifest in reality. It was 2005 when I first saw this story in a dream. Sixteen years later, I called on my manifestation magic one night. The next morning there was an email from a filmmaker/producer/director who discovered one of my online articles and wanted to talk. We are now partners and good friends embarking on a project ostensibly for me, but the bottom line is women, for women, about women, with women at the helm and women headed for the stars. 

With all the intolerable male domination, political insanity, and post-covid trauma in the world today, women are desperately seeking an outrageous fantasy to sweep them away. Just like Field of Dreams, “If we build it they will come.”


We made a three-minute Video Teaser in 2015, starring the voiceover talents and Southern accent of the late, great Mike Hodge, President of SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) in NYC at the time. 

Murray Weinstock—from Kenny Vance and The Planetones, and Manhattan Transfer—volunteered his NYC sound studio and his recording skills. 

Ilene Kristen, the original Patty Simcox in Broadway’s Grease, and the famed Soap Opera Diva directed the session. 

Glen Scarpelli from Norman Lear’s One Day at a Time added the visuals and produced the video at his TV station NOW in Sedona, Arizona. 

They all sensed the importance of this project so much they volunteered a huge chunk of their busy lives to assist our dream. They rallied to my call with unbridled enthusiasm and gave their time as a labor of love for humanity. I had a dream that Mike was on his way out, so I included his laughing face in a ghostly form on a tree top in a cemetery shot. A short while later, he suddenly left us. I’m sure he is watching the progress with great interest and laughing in that deep and gravelly oh-so-recognizable voice. 



MISSION: There is a universal awakening taking place at this time. In humanity’s search for the Truth, the powerful allure of a filmmaker’s passion for socially relevant messages cannot be underestimated. The public demands to know more about the meaning of life, the world we live in, and recent unexplainable phenomena. We intend to give it to them.

VISION: Scripts with an uplifting emphasis on the search for self, while overcoming life’s challenges. Mystical, magical characters with supernatural gifts who must learn right from wrong… or else. 

VALUES: To create a high-level project that entices us to reflect on the peculiarities of mankind… to choose sides in the battle between good and evil… to believe in the impossible… and never surrender to the unacceptable. 

GOALS: During covid lockdown, millions experienced a spiritual awakening. The world is now eager for film and television projects that inspire viewer identification on a global level, and change the way we look at life.

About the author...

Toni’s life-long passions are writing, psychology, and metaphysics. She has been an Astrologer since she was eleven, a Feng shui consultant and fashion executive since the early 70s, and a Transformational Coach and Metaphysical Mentor since the late 80s.  Toni’s international client list includes film, stage, and television celebrities, singers, songwriters, and rappers, politicians, medical, religious and law-enforcement figures, international corporations, as well as self-employed businessmen and women working remotely from home. Everyone seeking self-awareness and mental wellness are welcome. 


Her multi-faceted techniques offer her clients a focused framework; her perspective is optimistic yet rational; and her style informative and compelling. 


"As a Life Coach, my primary purpose is to help my clients achieve personal empowerment. As a screenwriter and producer, I am committed to making films that raise the light level of the world.”

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